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Drawing on a rich tradition of historical research by great minds, Teacher of Life approaches history from a Catholic perspective. Over millennia, Catholic historians present a complete account of human history. Teacheroflife.com continues this tradition with articles, resources, and YouTube videos.

A Catholic perspective on history gives a greater understanding of what happened. God is a part of history. He is the beginning and end of all things. If we look at the past with a Catholic mind, we will make connections between the secular and the sacred. Stories that seem to be material only will have greater meaning when we realize a higher cause and effect.

History is a subject people often dislike when they are young but grow to enjoy as they get older. Perhaps this is because history is closely connected with aging – things become “history” with the passing of time. Whether you liked history then or now, it remains one of the most important fields of knowledge because it makes us who we are. The Catholic Faith also makes us who we are, and a Catholic historian approaches history from a Catholic worldview.

As Cicero once said, “history is the teacher of life”. Without history there is no future, but it also works the other way around. Our history makes us who we are and what we become. We have no stable future without a history. As Catholics, we have a collective Catholic history that makes us who we are. The Teacher of Life embraces this and looks to history with a Catholic mind. Please Subscribe to the newsletter and join us on a journey through time.