March 28: Little Sisters of the Poor Receive an Answer to Prayers


The book, The Month of St. Joseph, presents daily considerations for the month of March in the form of meditations and practical examples. The example for today is as follows.



In the month of April, 1862, the Superior of the Little Sisters of the Poor in the city of Lyons found the sheets belonging to the beds for the old men were so worn that they could not be used any longer. The procurator’s purse was empty and she was at a loss how to procure new ones. The Sister Superior remembering that she had often obtained favors through the intercession of St, Joseph, folded one of the old sheets and placed it at the foot of the statue of the glorious Patriarch imploring him not to forget the poor who had been confided to her care.

The following day a young man on horseback called and asked to see the Sister Superior. When she came be handed her a sum of money, saying, “This is to buy sheets for your poor men.” The sister was overjoyed, her confidence in St. Joseph had been well rewarded.


This anecdote comes from the Month of St. Joseph by Abbé Berlioux, originally published in English in the year 1887. This book contains meditations and an example story for each day of the month. In an effort to preserve short inspiring stories from our Catholic past, every day for the month of March you can find the example story for the day published on the website under people/stories.

The same author also published similar books for the months of, May (Our Lady), June (Sacred Heart), and November (Holy Souls). We are planning to post the stories for these months in the future and are working with Mediatrix Press to re-publish these as a four book collection, so be sure to check back. The Month of St. Joseph is available now.